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CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION FIC Malawi Province (Bro. Gasper Kalisto FIC)


It has been quite a joyous day full of Christmas parties almost everywhere. Some people were sharing gifts as part of jubilating for Christ who has born among us. For us brothers in Malawi Province, we all gathered at Mitengo Community in Thyolo to celebrate together and share the joy of Christmas eve. At the same time we were celebrating the birthday of Bro. Thomas Edison.

(Bro. Thomas Edison)

Our gathering was not just meant to share the meals and drinks, but rather to glorify God who has sent His Son, through whom His grace, blessings and forgiveness has come down upon us. Incarnate in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary, His mother and mother of us all, by the power of the Holy Spirit, He has become for us the source of hope and the fount of God’s most generous mercy. Unlike what most people at that time would have imagined, He came not as a glorious conqueror or a mighty King, but rather a small child, weak and vulnerable. He had no place to lay His head but on a dirty manger suitable for animals there in the stable. Despite his glory, he came to earth in a humble manner and yet ended up being crucified only to bring salvation to earth.

(Bro. Andrew and others during the Christmas celebration)

This love he showed to the world should be a source of joy and the true meaning of our Christmas celebrations. With this in mind, we chose not to celebrate as brothers alone. With limitations due to COVID-19 pandemic, we only invited the parish Priest of Mitengo Parish, the SBVM sister in Mitengo Convent, Headmaters of St. Patrick’s secondary school and St. Louis CDSS, some members of staff of Mitengo Technical College and few laity from within Mitengo community.

The feast of the nativity of the Lord should always remind us of our mission and of His invitation to us to place ourselves completely in service of His Kingdom. He went around doing good, he was a witness to the truth, he came to serve, he came to redeem, and he brought the liberating message of the Kingdom of God as message of love. We are called and sent out to continue this work of Jesus (FIC Constitutions 15).

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