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Chapter delegates arrived on 26th June at Venray FIC Cottage in Mangochi for the second phase of the Provincial Chapter. The session started on 27th JUNE with a prayer service by Mitengo Community. In relation to the main theme of the Chapter, the prayer service focused on “transforming our lives through blessed virgin Mary” A short reflection was given on this theme by the one of members belonging to Mitengo Community, who highlighted the need for brothers to emulate Mary’s virtues in the quest for transformation and growth in the spirit of our founders. In the course of the prayer service, a General Chapter prayer was also recited.

The first morning session for the day started around 8:30 AM in the morning with facilitation from Rev. Fr. Jester Banda OCD, who also facilitated in the first phase of provincial chapter in February, 2024. The Provincial Superior, Bro. Lawrence Sitima gave his opening remarks. In his remarks the Provincial Superior emphasized the need to concentrate on the main theme so not to lose direction on the discussions or deliberations. He also encouraged the chapter members to freely express themselves if indeed transformation and growth should take place in the Province.  The Provincial superior also communicated that, several individuals had wished the Provincial chapter members a successful and fruitful chapter discussions. These were goodwill messages from General Council, and Provincial Superiors of all the Provinces (Ghana, Indonesia, Chile and Holland).

Main focus of the discussion in the first day of second phase of Provincial chapter dwelt on correction of the previous minutes from first phase of chapter in February. To make sure that the minutes reflect what transpired in the first phase of the chapter, chapter members read from page to page loudly in order to check for spellings, clarifications and substitution of some words. After correction of minutes, the chapter members ventured into matters arising and this went up to the last session of the day.

In closing remarks, the Provincial Superior thanked all chapter members for their active participation and encouraged them to open enough as this would be the most ideal opportunity where one can express his mind more clearly or suggest something beneficial for the Province. In conclusion, he reminded brothers that any discussion taking place will not only impact us but also those who are yet to join the Congregation. As such there is a need to consider the future of the Province and Congregation at large.

The day was closed with evening Eucharistic Mass at 6:00 PM, presided over by Fr Jester, the Facilitator. Readings of the day were taken, the first reading on 2 Kings 24:8-17 and the Gospel from Matthew 7:21-29. A short reflection on the readings was given, which was in relation with the Main theme of the Chapter. The Mass celebrant encouraged the chapter delegates that, they should be pragmatic in day to day dealings rather than being idealistic. Transformation requires effort and putting into practice what you preach or say.



The picture showing Provincial chapter delegates in the course of discussion.

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