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ORIENTATIE FIC Magazine (Growing and Fruitful, a Century of FIC in Indonesia, 2020)

Growing and fruitful, a century of FIC in Indonesia.
Bro. Theodorus Suwariyanto
The ideals and mission of the FIC Congregation have grown and come to fruition in Indonesia. The
first five Dutch brothers sent to live and work in Indonesia laid a strong foundation for the present
organization of FIC Indonesia. The early brothers from both the Netherlands and Indonesia have
struggled hard and with perseverance to develop the FIC Congregation in this Province. FIC Indonesia
is deeply rooted in not only the Church of Indonesia, but Indonesian society in general.
The brothers have always lived and worked to proclaim the Kingdom of God. The presence and
work of the brothers started in Jogjakarta on Java and grew as far as Ainaro in East Timor. Indonesia
province has even sent brothers to live and work in the Netherlands, Chile, Ghana, and
Malawi. For a full century the FIC Congregation in Indonesia has lived and worked to bear witness
that God is Love. In the beginning it was small, simple and humble, then because of God’s grace
and because of the brothers’ diligence in prayer and work, it has now grown into a great and
fruitful province. The brothers have had some considerable influence in the field of education as
well as in charity and the development of faith among the people. Thousands of people are given
a good, religious, and vibrant Christian education. Many children from poor families receive assistance
from the FIC brothers, through formal and non-formal education, in schools, dormitories,
orphanages and charity work.
Indonesia province is also the ‘firstborn branch’ of the FIC Congregation which has its origin in the
Netherlands. It is now time for the FIC province of Indonesia to increasingly take on bigger roles
and responsibilities, and set an example for the brothers of the entire Congregation. The spirit and
values of our Founders should continue to be spread, not only in Indonesia, but also in other places
where we are needed. We need to find the courage to put aside our own desires and needs in
order to do God’s will, also outside the province of Indonesia. The planted shoots have flourished
and come to fruition, now may the fruits distribute themselves wherever God wants.
We together thank God for the grace bestowed upon us for 100 years. Hopefully FIC Indonesia
will continue to grow and bear fruit, and be able to synergize with anyone who wishes well for the
development of the faith among the people, the church, and society in general.
Dear readers, this is just a glimpse of the themes and content of the articles you can read in this
special edition of ‘Oriëntatie-FIC’ magazine. The letters and articles were written by people close
to the FIC brothers, both institutionally and individually. They are happy and grateful to the brothers
who have now celebrated 100 years of presence and work in Indonesia. They give testimony
to the lives and works of the brothers in this Province. Please read and enjoy this special edition
on the Centennial of FIC Indonesia. Hopefully, through your prayers and support, FIC Indonesia
will grow further and continue to bear abundant fruit.
Warm greetings and thank you.


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