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Information General Council, November 2018.



Herewith we present to you the fifth issue of IGC in 2018, which will inform you about the following:

  • *  Christmas Message 2018

  • *  Reflection on "General Chapter"

  • *  Conclusion of Provincial Chapter Chile

  • *  Final Session of the Provincial Chapter Ghana 2018

  • *  Conclusion of the Provincial Chapter 2018, Indonesia

  • *  Final Session of the Provincial Chapter Malawi 2018

  • *  New council Religious House The Netherlands

  • *  Rites of Transition, Renewal of Vows and First Professions in Ghana

  • *  FIC Jubilees December 2018 in Indonesia

  • *  Special Birthdays in the coming months

Christmas Message 2018

a celebration of love, humility, and peace

Dear brothers, associated members, and friends,

This Christmas season is coinciding with the end of my office as General Superior of the FIC Congregation. I have been in this office for 12 years now. Looking back on the past experiences I have to be sincerely grateful to all of you and so many other people for their support and good cooperation. My life has been enriched so much by all encounters and challenges in the past 12 years. I will take this opportunity to say goodbye to you all and at the same time to give you the last Christmas message as General Superior. 

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