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FIC Magazine June 2015.

This is the third issue of the Congregational magazine “Brothers FIC” reaching you.  This year the FIC Congregation is 175 years since it was founded in 1840. To mark this important anniversary, we present to you this issue with the theme: “Keeping alive the Spirit of our Founders”. As part of the celebration, we would like to reflect more deeply on what it means to keep the Spirit of the Founders alive. As Brothers FIC, we are fully aware of the values and meaningfulness of the events that marked the beginning of our Congregation and we are giving consideration to these seriously. As emphasized by Pope Francis, "recounting our history is essential for preserving our identity, for strengthening our unity as a family and our common sense of belonging. More than an exercise in archeology or the cultivation of mere nostalgia, it calls for following in the footsteps of past generations in order to grasp the high ideals, and the vision and values which inspired them, beginning with the founders and the first communities. Grateful remembrance of the past leads us, as we listen attentively to what the Holy Spirit is saying to us today, to implement ever more fully the essential aspects of the consecrated life…."
To ensure that people know better about our Founders and also to give meaning to the Pope's call to be “grateful for the past, and living the present with passion”, we happily present to you the generous sharing of some brothers. Bro. Martin Handoko recalls the spirit of Mgr. Ludovicus Rutten, our founder, Bro. Wim Luiten shares his personal letter, which he writes to our founder, and Bro. Amatus Taalo wishes to motivate us with his reflection on community life as inspired by Bro. Bernardus Hocken. In this issue you will also read about the experiences of Brothers Albert Ketelaars and Humbertus on keeping alive the Spirit of our Founders. Bro. John Bosco challenges us on health issues in relation to the brothers' contribution toward the needy. The rest of the issues are the profile of Bro. Yohanes Leo Paryoto, picture news, news from our provinces and a short article about Mary. 
As the story of our Congregation continues, we believe and hope that the younger generations will continue with the spirit of "being good and doing good" for the sake of the welfare of people in need. In many different ways we still want to give shape to the values and the spirit of our founders. The Brothers FIC, associated members, co-workers, friends and collaborators continue to promote the values of the Congregation among numerous people around the world. Hi, young man…would you like to give your life in service of God's people in the FIC Congregation?...just come and see!


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