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Brothers-FIC Magazine June 2020 Issue.

From The Editor

We are living in uncertain times because of the Covid 19 pandemic that has affected all areas of our life. So many people have suffered; some have died because of the corona virus. The situation has affected every aspect of society including the Church, religious communities, and even thewayweworship.Wearegettingworried,scaredandafraid; wehave mixed feelings and very uncertain about the future. We have learned how weak and fragile human beings are. This is the time to recognize how vital it is to depend on the power of God. This time offers us the opportunity to live our lives in true love and sincerity, by loving God and fellow men and women. The situation encourages us to find God deep within ourselves, and to discover what is more essential in life.

We are also becoming increasingly aware of the importance and value of solidarity and empathy. Apart from leaders trying to make difficult decisions on how to manage the crisis, many people in the forefront like medical doctors, nurses, and health care workers are working hard to save infected people, at the risk of their own lives. Many have found creative ways to be useful to their communities, to offer social and religious tools against isolation, to volunteer support to the weak and vulnerable people.

This is also the time to reflect on what we have done to nature, the environment and God's creation. We are being called upon to give more respect and assume a positive attitude towards nature. We need to be more aware of the connection between humans and the environment, and also with the Divine (God). When we are in balance, there will be healthy relationship between human beings and the rest of creation. In connection with the destruction of our environment, Bro. Johan provides us with an article on "Our Web of Life" and a reflection on "What Have We Done?"

"The Religious Brother and Sister, by participating in the saving mystery of Christ and the Church, are permanent reminders for all Christian people of the importance of the total gift of self to God and a reminder that the mission of the Church, respecting the various vocations and ministries within it, is one and is shared by all." This is the core description of our identity and mission as religious brothers. Our vocation and mission are within and for the Church. In this issue of our magazine we share with our readers some reflections on the mission of the FIC Brothers within the local church. Bro. Raphael invites us to reflect on "Thinking with the Church", Bros. Martin Sarya Giri and Martinus Dariyo give their testimonies on the Brothers' contributions to the growth of the local church within their areas of apostolate and Bro. Theodorus his impressions on the Vincentian Family meeting in Rome.

As usual we also present the profiles of two of our brothers: Stephen Bangnabayi from the Ghana, who celebrates 25 years of religious life, and Mike Mbato from Malawi, a teacher in Nguludi Primary School. We hope from this, you will appreciate the life and work of the FIC Brothers. Through these reflections, we hope you will support our mission in serving people especially the poor and the needy according to the will of God. Thank you for your attention and support to the Congregation, and may God bless you all.



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