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Brothers FIC Magazine June 2018.

From The Editor

The theme of this issue is "We consecrate ourselves to be witnesses of God's love." It is the same theme endorsed for the General Chapter of the Brothers FIC scheduled to take place in August 2018. We intentionally wish to bring to the awareness of our fellow brothers, co-workers, parents, students and our cherished readers that each one of us is invited by God to be a witness of God's love. God is Love. One of the pillars of consecrated life is the dimension of communion. This dimension is based on the spirit of "koinonia" of believers (Acts 2: 42-47, 4:32- 35) who became a community of brothers and sisters gathered together in the Lord's name. The Spirit, who is the sign of the personal love of God, united the disciples to the Father and to one another. It is the Spirit who pours into us the love of God and enables us to love and unite in the diversity of gifts and ministries. We Religious and all Christians alike would like to follow the example of the believers who lived in the communion and love of God and another.

In connection with the theme of the General Chapter we offer you a number of inspirational articles written by our fellow brothers namely, "A reflection on To be Witnesses of God's love in our time as happy brothers" by Bro. Augustine Kubdaar; "To be witnesses of God's Love through Community Life" by Bro. Petrus Anjar; and "To be witnesses of the Love of God means to be witnesses of His Peace", by Bro. Wim Luiten. They have cautiously shared their life experiences and some opinions about Love of God and what it means to love God and one another. Bro. Martin Handoko, our General Superior gave his backing to the theme by acknowledging that it is "the actualization of our faith that God is Love." As Catholics and as religious persons we fully believe that "God loves the world so much, that He sent His only Son into the world, thatwemighthavelifethroughHim. ItisnotwewholoveGod,but God loves us and sent His Son to expiate our sins. Whoever fails to love does not know God, because God is love" (cf. 1 John 4: 8-10). In this issue you will also read about the chapter proceedings of the first and second sessions of the Provincial Chapters especially of Chile, Ghana, Indonesia and Malawi. The rest of the issues are the profiles of Bro. Patricio Guentelican Perez from Chile and Bro. Paulus Sumarno from Indonesia; pictures news, news from the Vatican, and a short reflective article about Mary.

Beloved readers, this is the last issue of the FIC Magazine during the administration of General Council 2012-2018. We would like to thank all our readers, writers, contributors, and collaborators for their cooperation that enabled us to publish the magazine regularly. We appreciate very much your efforts and we hope that in the years to come the magazine will continue to offer you a better understanding of our work as FIC Brothers and how we are witnessing to God's love in the world. Let us all continue in our own littleways,tobe truebelieversandactivewitnessesofGod'slove where ever we are. 


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