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Brothers FIC "Called to be good and to do good".

What is a name? A name is very important for people and things. Through a name, we get to know and understand who a person is or what something is. Also, a person introduces himself by first mentioning his or her name. It is therefore an honor and pleasure to introduce to our cherished readers around the world the congregational magazine of the Brothers FIC. The magazine, with the title “Brothers FIC, Called to be good and to do good” expresses the original inspiration of our founders who did a lot of “Good” to many poor children following the original example of Jesus Christ Himself, who “went round doing good”. To make the work of the brothers more familiar to you, we will start by making this first edition an introductory one.

Among others you will read about a short introduction of our congregation, our founders, and the countries where we live and work. Here also information on some recurring practices or events within our congregation that express how we organize our life will also be provided. Some of these practices are congregational meetings, chapters and visitations. Celebrations are part of the life of every group of people, therefore we shall give you a hint on how the 175th birthday of our congregation will be marked next year. Through this exposure we hope to make the original inspiration of our founder, Fr. Louis Rutten more visible to people around the world so that people can share in the evangelizing work of Jesus Christ. We therefore hope that this magazine will be a valuable and effective means to promote our way of life among young people and further get people closer to us.

I will like to thank the Indonesian Province, especially Bro. Simon Andrus and Mr. Kuswara who assisted in various ways to bring this magazine into being, and also in distributing copies to our numerous and cherished readers


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