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"Authority and Governance" FIC Magazine June 2023 issue.

From The Editor


The theme of this June 2023 issue of our magazine is “Authority and Governance.” It is not easy to find one common definition for the term “authority.” The term has been defined in various ways depending on the subject in question. Collin dictionary defines authority as “the right to command and control other people.” Webster’s dictionary defines the term as “The power or right to give commands, enforce, obedience, take action, or make final decisions.” In the eyes of the world, authority is often seen as somebody having ultimate power over another or a group of people. This means that the person in authority has absolute control over his subjects: what they do and how things are done. However, in this magazine, emphasis is given to the model of authority exercised by Jesus Christ during his earthly life. Authority and governance, or simply leadership, is seen by many in the religious perspective as someone called to serve and one who exudes attributes such as affirming, encouraging, influencing, and inspiring others.

In this publication (volume 2, number 9) of the Brothers FIC magazine, we intend to reflect as well as share our understanding of the subject of authority and governance in religious life. Many of you-religious, non-religious, the youth-have ever been in charge of a group of people before. How did you handle it? For us Brothers FIC, some of us have ever been a superior of a community, a province, or other levels in the congregation and have therefore had the opportunity to serve our fellow brothers or practiced some form of authority and governance. Did you see yourself as servant? In this publication, we wish to present the opinions and experiences of FIC Brothers who have ever been in leadership before, past and present. Some of these are in the form of a reflection, and our beloved readers have the privilege this time to read such reflection from our present Superior General Bro. Augustine Kubdaar, who tells us that God is the Source of all authority and governance, and the immediate past Superior General, Bro. Martin Handoko, who is convinced that “Religious Leadership is not a Personal Choice, but a Call.” From their rich experiences, they both believe that religious leaders ought to develop a deep relationship with God, and the people they serve.

Dear readers, our brothers are always willing to share their life and vocation stories with you, and here we provide you with an extensive one from Bro. Methodius Kuusoru, a former provincial superior of Ghana and a former general councilor. Indeed this magazine is about the experiences of FIC superiors. We hope that the readers will not only enjoy reading it but will be inspired as well by the faith-sharing given here. Bro. Raphael Besigrinee comes your way with his usual reflection captioned, “In Fraternal Leadership, to Lead is to Serve.” He emphasizes that authority is evangelically always service. As a servant, a fraternal leader considers himself strictly as a servant first and then second as a leader. 

Dear readers, the magazine has never denied you news from our provinces, and especially those in the form of photos. This time you will see photos of our present (and some past) superiors. Some photos were also recently taken during the canonical visitation of Bros. Augustine and Theodorus in Indonesia. Enjoy!




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