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Words for Bro. Valentinus Daru S. on his 25th anniversary as an FIC Brother.

Dear Br. Valentinus Daru Setiaji,

I stand here on behalf of the Emmaus Community, on this very special occasion to extend our congratulations to you for your 25 years of dedicated service to God's people. We are grateful to God for this and hope you will be able to continue for many years to come. Proficiat!

I believe your journey over the past 25 years has not been all smooth and enjoyable. There must have beeen beautiful, bright, and happy moments, but there must also have been some dark, gloomy, tense, and struggle-filled moments. This means when you had difficult times and dark days, you did not to give up. You succeeded because you always rely on God, just as Saint Paul: "But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining towards what is ahead, press on towards the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenwards in Christ Jesus" (Phil.3,13-14).


You have devoted a lot of time and energy in the field of education and formation of young people both formally and informally, especially through spiritual exercises at Shalom Retret House, Bandungan. You have also provided spiritual direction to many adults including teachers and employees of Pangudi Luhur Foundation. You have accomplished various apostolic tasks including educational work in school, further studies, acompanying  temporary professed brothers, retreat direction and so on. You even offered to be part of  the provincial leadership in Indonesia for 6 years and now searving at the General Council level. It has been a blessing to have you serve at the General Coucil. Yet you are still very young and promising for the future of the Congregation.


In addition, you have developed a number of hobbies that are very valuable to the brothers. You are endowed with the skills of dancing, singing, flower arrangment, decoration, as well as cooking. Your perseverance also in reading and conducting deepening services, writing books and articles make you a true inspiration. No wonder the talents and intelligence God has given to you have contributed a lot to the growth and development of the Congregation. You always put up your best in any given responsibility and whatever apostolic task that is entrusted to you.  Your preparedness to carry out tasks faithfully, even if they may not be in line with your expectations or may be less attractive, is a reflection of the attitude of a true religious person. "We are expected to work in whatever way and place the Congregation, through our authorities, request of us, also when the reques is counter to our desires, preferences, or judgments. (FIC Constitutions art. 23)


You remain an example in building intimate relationships with God and others in daily life, and this has inspired and motivated others to become "men of God" and at the same time "men for others". You exude examples of completeness, perseverance, hard work, as well as loyalty in living the life of a true FIC brother.

As a brother who pays attention to intimate relationship with God and fellow human beings, I quote part of article 1 of our Constitution, , "....we wish to make the best we can of our lives. Just like everyone else we ask for the deepest and most perfect happiness." The article is also related to article 4 of our Constitution which says "Growing towards Jesus". To become a better person means to us: to grow towards Jesus and truly be Christ-centered”. You have really tried to do all these. With God's grace that transcends our limitations, you are able to achieve a deep and intense relation with God and others. Thank you for setting these examples as an FIC Brother.


In Emmaus community here, you have contributed a lot especially in our liturgy, keeping the house clean and green, beautifying our rooms and coridors, preparing meals and others. By your readiness to help others, the community has succeeded in accomplishing many tasks. Thanks for your readiness to accompany bro. Widyo during preparation of meals and also during recreation. But above all, thanks for your presence here among us and making our lives richer.


Let us all feel grateful to God for all the graces and love we have received through our fellow brother Daru. May Our Lady, Mary Immaculate Conception, the patrones of the Congregation continue to intercede for our needs and especially strenghthen you (Bro. Daru) as you continue the pilgrimage of being a brother to others. Once again congratulations!

Bro. Theodorus S. (Local Superior of Emmaus Community)

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