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Tribute to Bro. Martinus Dariyo (from Provincial Council of FIC Indonesia Province)

Semarang, 18 May 2020.

Dear Bro. Lawrence Sitima, the Provincial Superior Brothers FIC Malawi,

Rev. Brothers, Priests, Sisters,

and all who mourn for our beloved Bro. Martin Dariyo,

It was with a sense of shock and sorrow that I learned of the sudden demise of our beloved Bro. Martin Dariyo. I know that the feelings are shared by all who knew him and worked with him, especially during his years in Malawi. Please accept the sincere sympathy of all the brothers and colleagues in Indonesia and on behalf of myself.

We, the brothers in Indonesia, would like also to express our sincere gratitude to all of you, for always being a great support to our beloved Bro. Martin Dariyo in every way, particularly during his difficult time coping with his illness. Your prayers for the repose of the soul of Bro. Martin and this service which is held to say goodbye to him is also a charitable support and source of consolation which give us strength and hope. We should not take for granted for everything you have been doing. We appreciate all of that wholeheartedly. Zikomo. Zikomo kwambiri.

When the sad news of the sudden demise of Bro. Martin reached Indonesia and spread quickly through social media, we and his family got so many sympathies and words of consolation from our teachers, co-workers, priests, sisters, friends and his former students. From their testimony, we learn to know that Bro. Martin Dariyo was a man of faith. In fact, we know him as a man of prayer. He gave a lot of attention to his spiritual life. He committed himself to experience God in prayer daily, individually and communally. Hence, wherever he was present, people would easily feel peace and comfort radiating from his strong spiritual life.

Bro. Martin was also a sociable person, down to earth, and non judgmental. He was able to socialize with so many people from different backgrounds. He also has a wonderful sense of humour that attracted people to have a pleasant interaction with him.  He was able to listen to the people attentively. He often shared his stories of his live and his mission in Malawi. He was sensitive to the situation of others and ready to help people without hesitation, sometime through simple-simple things. He appreciated very much the work of others and valued the common good. His life revealed precisely what is stipulated in our Constitutions article 6 that in Jesus’ spirit, we strive to be brothers to one another and to all human kind.


In that spirit, we, FIC brothers in Indonesia, also experience closeness with him despite of the fact that he dedicated himself out of his own country for more than 30 years. Every time he was on his home leave, he visited not only his family and relatives but also our communities. He also spent some time to visit our schools and greet the teachers/co-workers and the students. Yes, Bro. Martin loved his family but he also loved his congregation and its mission to the people in need. He had a close relationship with his siblings and their families, but he also had a strong bond with the people he worked with and those he served in the mission of the congregation. Again, his life becomes a good example of being a brother to all. Bro. Martin, we are grateful to God for having you as a precious gift to our Congregation and to God’s people wherever you have been. We thank you profoundly for your total commitment and dedication to FIC and to humanity. We shall greatly miss you.

In 2018, Bro. Martin has expressed a desire to repatriate to Indonesia. Although he deserved to retire according to his age, his heart was still aflame with the missionary spirit. He had said that if he returned to Indonesia, he wanted to continue his missionary work in Timor Leste, where Indonesia province has started a new mission several years before. He had intended to dedicate himself to the people who are most in need there. Eventually, he had to change his plan when the Provincial Superior of Malawi asked him to help the province working in the Initial Formation. This was a clear sign of his immense love for God’s people in Malawi. He sacrificed his own plans and surrendered to divine providence through the task given by the Provincial Superior. I think in this way, Brother Martin had opened the way to his total surrender to God.

His journey of self surrender continued when the physician discovered the lungs illness. With the support of the Provincial Council of Malawi, he decided to seek medical treatment in India. However, this became impossible due to the corona virus outbreak. He had told us that everything shall be well; everything will be okay despite the fact that he could not go to India. Also when the plan to go to Indonesia was cancelled, his faith did not waver. His surrender was even deeper. We are very much touched by his faith. Absolute surrender to God occurred when he passed away after being treated for three days in the hospital. He is now together with God who loves him very much.

We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude to our fellow brothers in Malawi and everyone who supported, consoled, attended to, accompanied and did their best to help Bro. Martin during his last days. In particular, our gratitude go to:

-        The Provincial Superior of Malawi and his councillors,

-        Bro. Ivo Heatubun and Bro. Thomas Edison,

-        The doctors and medical staff in Mwayiwathu Hospital.

May our good Lord who knows how big is your love to Bro. Martin Dariyo bless you richly in return. Once again zikomo kwambiri, thank you very much.

Dear Bro. Martin, thank you very much for the life you have given totally to us. You will remain always in our hearts and in the hearts of Malawian people. May the infinite love of our Lord, Jesus Christ, whom you had served with all your life shines upon you and may our merciful God grant you a perfect peace together with Mary, our Mother and Patroness.

Provincial Superior Brothers FIC Indonesia,

On behalf of the brothers,


Bro. F.A. Dwiyatno

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