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Pastoral Letter from FIC General Superior.

My Beloved Brothers and Friends in Christ,

Solitude, not "Self-isolation": A gift of an extra time.

Once again it is me, your humble servant, knocking at the "door" of your heart. I realized that this "corona" period re- quires intimate spiritual companionship. This is the way I wish to be in solidarity and brotherly companionship with all of you. In this visit, I wanted to greet, give you hope and wish you the gift of the Holy Spirit as we prepare towards the magnificent feast of Pentecost.

Imagine how much life is different and will be different after the coronavirus pandemic? A common vocabulary in this unusual time is "social-distancing". In the previous circular letter, I suggested that we change the term "social-distanc- ing" to "solitude". Yet there is another vocabulary "self-iso- lation". We need to give this unfamiliar expression a positive spirit. Deacon Mike Walsh suggests that we change the vo- cabulary "self-isolation" to what he describes as "a gift of an extra free time"; a time to be intimate with oneself, the members of your community and above all, with God.


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