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Mary, my Mother and Protector (By. Bro. Yohyanes Krismanto)

Mary, my Mother and Protector

In my cherished recollections, Mary, my mother and protector, remains well-remembered. Every year in the months of May and October, a rosary ritual unfolded within our community, where the prayer circulated among households. The joy was palpable as we took turns leading the Hail Mary prayer, each holding a lighted candle. This experience left an indelible mark on me.

As time advanced and especially when I entered the fourth grade, my involvement with the Legion of Mary deepened my understanding of Mary. Saint Louis Maria de Montfort's teachings on Mary's role in our lives resonated within the group. The belief that Mary continues to intercede for us, as expressed by Christ on the cross, became my firm conviction.

My journey with Mary extended beyond communal prayers; it became a personal connection. Engaging in Hail Mary prayers with my family, participating in the Marian legion, and delving into the FIC brothers' community enriched my spiritual understanding. Mary emerged as a pivotal figure, especially during a crucial juncture at St. Paul's Seminary in Palembang.


Facing a crossroads in choosing between the priesthood and brotherhood, and having received guidance from friends pointed me towards the FIC brothers. Discovering the FIC Congregation's dedication to the perfect Intercession of Mary solidified my decision. This choice was not impulsive; it was a conscious one, leading me to undertake the prospective brothers' test in Muntilan.

The journey to Muntilan was marked by mixed emotions, compounded by the realization that I had arrived late for the entrance test. Despite the shortened testing period, I embraced the outcome. In a moment of uncertainty, I decided to embark on a pilgrimage to the Marian shrine in Sendangsono.

Arriving at the shrine, I fervently prayed to Mary, seeking her intercession for my acceptance into the FIC Postulancy. Returning to the postulancy, I was greeted with the news of my acceptance by Bro. Anton Karyadi. Overwhelmed with joy, gratitude flowed as I thanked Mary for her guidance and prayers.

This transformative experience led me to express my gratitude to Mary, acknowledging her influence in shaping my vocation as an FIC brother. I sought her guidance to emulate her qualities of sensitivity, care, loyalty, and unwavering faith. With Mary as my guide, I embarked on the journey of FIC brotherhood, confident that she would help me navigate life's challenges.

Bro. Yohanes Krismanto

(Indonesian Missionary in Chile)

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