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How can I be of Support to My Leaders in the Discharge of Their Duties.

How can I be of Support to My Leaders in the Discharge of Their Duties


One cannot talk about how to support leadership in the discharge of their duties without looking at leadership in its perspective. This does not mean defining what leadership is as I presumed that every one of us knows what leadership is all about.


Leadership is not something new to any of us. Every one of us has experienced leadership in one way or the other. We also know that leadership has never been an easy task and will not be easy especially to the one who wants to execute it to the letter.


Down the ages God appointed leaders to lead his people in different categories and capacities. For example God appointed Moses, Aaron, Joshua, Jeremiah, David, Salomon, just to mention but a few to lead his people to the Promise land and to fulfill other missions. We all know what happened when the people acted or disobeyed their lawful leaders. In our times, God still continue to appoint leaders to shepherd his people and lead them to achieve their inspirational goals.

 Challenges of leadership are inevitable. Some of the leaders who tried to avoid and escape from responsibilities landed themselves in some calamities. An example is Jonah who reportedly was swallowed and remained in the belly of a whale for three days. On the other hand, some members of every group of people proof very difficult and exhibits attitudes of disobedience, and disrespect towards leaders. God who is the source of leadership usually do not spare such wicked followers but punish them, some by death. A clear example is the Israelites who went into exile; the sister of Moses, Mary who was swallowed-up by an open earth.


History has also revealed that God has never put people together without appointing leaders to lead them. Every leader needs some amount of humility, patience, courage, confidence, trust, the skill of listening not only to God’s voice but also the people he leads. Successful leaders develop an attitude of total reliance on God through prayer. A spiritual analyst by name Dammasrkjold says, “Leaders who courageously say YES and everything become meaningful. There is no alternative but to live a YES. He added, “The leaders in all humility praying saying: Lord give me a thankful and humble yes. Then I heard a voice saying, “My child, be attentive to my words, incline your ears to my saying. Let them not escape from your sights. Keep them within your heart. For they are life to him who finds them and healing to him.”


It is my prayer that some of the potential leaders who are afraid of accepting leadership responsibilities will find consolation in the words of Isaiah 4:1,2 which says, “Do not be afraid, I will save you. When you pass through deep water I will be you. Your trouble will not overwhelm you. When you pass through fire you will not be hurt. You are precious in my eyes and I honor and love you.” In your leadership role there will be joyful moments and there will also be times when you will experience dark moments, or when you will experience all round confusion and clouded mind. In such a case leaders will need somebody to talk to them. Our Constitutions article 35 says, “Together we try to fulfill this mission of Christ.” One way to do this is to co-operate with those who are given special responsibility in the form of leadership in the congregation.


Another area I can support my leaders is through my prayers for successful leadership of those entrusted with leadership positions. St. Vincent de Paul says, “Through prayer, we take refuge in God and not only when we are in doubt or difficult situation.” The success of leadership depends much on the respect, obedience, love, and above all constant intercessory prayers for those who have accepted the divine call of God to lead us. There is a “Dagara” proverb which says, “one person cannot chase and catch a squirrel in a bush.” There must be many to do that.


Another area where I can give support to my leaders is to encourage them especially in trial and difficult moments. The words of Colossians 1:10-12 says, “May you be strengthened with all power for all endurance and all patience with joy.” Leadership that does not receive support from those that are led head straight away towards failure to achieve common mission and purpose. Leadership without maximum support also inflicts emotional and psychological wounds on leaders and thus leaves them with perpetual regret for once accepting to be leaders. In my observation this precisely has been the experience of most of our past FIC leaders hence the overwhelming difficulty we do experience in getting brothers to accept leadership responsibilities both at the provincial and General Council levels during FIC chapters. Jose Armaise, a spiritual analyst says, “The greatest challenge of consecrated people today is suffering from an undeniable anemia, both personal and institutional.” If we support our leaders in whichever from they will not fail us, rather, together we shall all achieve greater fulfillment both personal and congregational goals.


Another way to support leaders is to offer my best ideas in a form of suggestion to them and not to criticize and show that I know better than them. As much as possible, we should all try to avoid accusing our leaders and putting forth uncompromising behaviors. No one is perfect and therefore we cannot expect our leaders to be perfect. I believe if we have to choose a perfect person to be our leader we will surely not find one among us. Unconstructive criticism of our leaders throw them out of focus and slow down their energy and effort to lead us as best as possible.


By: Bro. Peter Saatuo (Ghana Province)

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