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Community Life and Communion. (sr. Inigo, SSA)

There is a difference between community life and communion. We come together and live in community for a double purpose—to help each other to get closer to God and to fulfil the common mission. A community helps us to reach both these goals. The community is the place where we release our tensions and are energized for our mission. Celebrations and lighter moments reduce our tension and break the monotony. A religious who lives in a loving community has far more zest and joy in mission.

But community life itself can become a source of tension. Many communities appear as patched up unrelated parts. In several communities, there is sadly only a business-oriented, merely functional, relationship. There is apparent cordiality, which rarely includes a deep, sincere, trusting and warm relationship among the members. Over-involvement in work forces the members to avoid sharing in community responsibilities and being accountable to others in the community. We keep ourselves simply busy. Ministry becomes an excuse for not meeting others meaningfully.

An extremely important means to build up communion in communities is communication. Nasty judgments, unjust criticism, calculated coldness and subtle manoeuvres would disappear, if there is genuine, humble and positive communication. The spirituality of communion implies the ability to see what is positive in others, to welcome it and to value it as a gift from God and to know how to share each other’s burdens. If somebody is better than we are, we can learn from them. We can learn to enjoy others’ success.


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