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"And you will call his name Jesus,..." (Circular Letter General Superior FIC, December 2021)

Maastricht, December 2021

Every year during the advent and Christmas season Mother Church, through the liturgical readings, directs our attention to our Lord’s coming to us. We have learned and come to understand that this coming could be reflected upon in three ways: his first and second coming as well as his daily presence with us. And this promise shall be fulfilled despite the continuous spread and threat of the pandemic. Amen!!!!

His first coming is when He chose to be born of the Blessed Virgin Mary and lived in what is now called the Holy Land where He ac- complished his earthly work of redemption. His second coming will be at the end of time. In the meantime, in order that we may not be lonely and helpless in this world, he makes himself available to us all the time in keeping with his word “I shall be with you until the end of time” (Mat 28:20). Thus Christ is truly with us when we live and work in peace, and when we pray and receive the sacraments, espe- cially Holy Eucharist. This is a basic truth of our faith. However, as it is often said, familiarity breeds contempt. This element (the omni- presence of God) of our faith, like many others, needs emphasis be- cause it seems so obvious that it can easily be taken for granted. This holy season offers us the opportunity to reflect ever more deeply on this saving mystery, the coming of God among his people.


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