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In memoriam of the late dear Bro. Nicholas Zumanaa (by Nelly Bloemberg).

Dear brothers and friends of Nicholas  
First let me introduce myself. I am Nelly Bloemberg. A niece of uncle Harry, for you Brother Bosco Hendrikx. He was the first Headmaster of the Nandom Secondary school. Nicholas was one of his first students.  
When the school existed ten years, my parents visited together  with my uncle Nandom to celebrate that jubilee. My parents  and brother Bosco  made us  very enthusiastic about Ghana and specially  the school.  
Years and years later Nicholas came to Maastricht as a member of the General Council of the FIC Brothers. There we met Nicholas for the first time. We were very surprised that after a few month  of study he spoke Dutch very well. His Dutch was much and much better than my English now.  
Later on we met Nicholas nearly every time when we visited uncle Harry. With other brothers he attended my mother’s funeral. There he invited my whole family to visit Ghana as soon as he would be at home in Nandom. So a lot of them visited Ghana over the next years. There is too much to tell, but one visit in particular we want to mention. When Nicholas was headmaster in Nandom he  inspired our niece Rianne to become teacher in science at his school.   
Nicholas went back to Ghana, but we stayed in contact with him. Via e-mail and later also mobile phone.  He returned to Holland several times. Once for our oldest son’s wedding.  He gave a special Ghanaian touch  as only Nicholas could do.  
Every time we met him in Holland he invited us to come to Ghana. Finally when the school existed 40 years my husband and I went to Ghana. He was an excellent host for us. And as we have heard not only for us but for all Dutch friends who visited him.  
With Nicholas as guide we visited a lot of family, friends, touristic places and his kindergarten in Nadowli.  
Several times we went with  headmaster Nicholas to his school. He showed us the improvements he had already made and told about his future plans. After  the Christmas holiday it was Nicho to see all the students in the hall when  Nicholas opened the new term. We think that Brother Bosco would have been very proud of Nicholas.  
In 2011 he came two times to Holland. The first time when he was invited for my youngest son’s wedding. A few month later he came back to Stiphout especially for raising funds. It was the last time we saw him. Thanks to his enthusiasm and charm Nicholas collected  a lot of gifts and money for Ghana in many places.  
We will always remember him through his hospitality, humour and friendliness. Furthermore we will never forget his laugh.  
I want to end with the same words Nicholas always used to end his e-mails: Nicholas with love .      
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