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In memoriam of dear late Bro.Jan (Carlo) Hillenaar. (From "ORIENTATIE" magazine)

Dear Bro. Carlo,
Encounter one: I met you first time 41 years ago, on the last week of November 1973 when as a postulant, I took part in annual re- treat for FIC: pre-novices, Canonical-year novices and second- year novices. The retreat was led by a Jesuit Father. On the last day of the last session, you came and shared your mission and vision of religious life. It was felt as a climax of our retreat. You stressed the point of being a religious as: ‘a man of God and people, a man of prayer, and a man of work (apostolic work)’. You emphasized on the challenges we face as religious. I was really thrilled! It was a mixed feeling of joy, enthusiasm, motivation, and at the same time doubt, uncertainty about my ability to face the big challenges ahead. While we were washing kitchens’ utensils, our elder second-year novices made remarks that the talks were tough. My classmate Herman said in Javanese: “Ora perlu grun- delan, nek arep dadi bruder yo kudu ngono kuwi. Jangan banyak bicara, kalau mau menjadi religious memang harus begitu.” “We should not make noise. Bro. Carlo has pointed the foundation. This is the way to become religious.”


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