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In memoriam Bro. Henry Anthony.



In fact, his health condition was already known at the beginning of 2016. Four months ago it was confirmed that he had kidney problems. Henry told me that he inherited the kidney pro- blem from his mother. I just told him to be very careful by observing the mood of his body and that every time he felt uneasy he should go to the doctor. Regular check-up was very impor- tant.

On Tuesday morning, 13 December 2016, at 08.00 before leaving for Mzedi to meet eight teachers of St. Patrick’s Secondary School, I phoned him, just to remind him for our meeting on Wednesday. He said that he was sick. I told him that I would come to Maryview after mee- ting with teachers. It was a long meeting as I have to meet teachers one by one together with the Headmaster. The meeting finished at 12.15. I went home immediately and took lunch. After that, when I was about to leave I got a phone call from a nephew of Bro. Henry, telling me that Bro. Henry was sick. I answered that I was just leaving for Maryview. Upon my arrival, I was told that the relatives of Bro. Henry Ibrahim brought him to Maiwathu hospital. I rushed to hospital and met him personally. He narrated that in fact he did not feel well on eight December, but he did not tell anybody. However, the next day he went to Lilongwe up and down by car on 9 De- cember, to have a meeting with relatives there on 10 December. He came back Sunday eve- ning. He and his relatives apologized for choos- ing the expensive hospital and that they would go home the next day. I told them that it was a right decision, as the room was excellent and also got a very qualified doctor who was avai- lable anytime, and that he should stay until he recovered. 


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