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You gave us quality (Andreas Raymon Mudrig)

You gave us quality (Andreas Raymon Mudrig).

On a sunny afternoon in mid August 1992, Brother Theodorus Suwariyanto FIC said to me, "Working and serving the Church is something that has become a necessity, but it is not enough. In a church environment as long as you willing to work you will definitely be appointed a leader, but it is not so out there. You have to prove your quality and how much you can be of use to others. That's the real challenge for you ". These sentences were a wake up call, that the meaning of calling for me and my friends at Pangudi Luhur Van Lith Muntilan High School was not just a mere choice of profession. Developing personal talents and achieving achievements means little if it is not of much use to other people and the nation. This was the missionary spirit which influencing my next whole life.


Memardi Kartika Bangsa, Becoming Your Nation’s Star, is a motto that we students of Pangudi Luhur Van Lith High School are always doctrined. For three years we received a boarding school education with a complete portion of personality development, which includes integensia, social, spiritual, religious, and nationalism. The FIC Brothers accompanied us at schools and the boys' dormitories in various activities. From waking up in the morning, studying, praying together, up to personal guidance. They become personal role models who always balance their professional life, brotherhood in the monastery / family, and spiritual life.

Today there are more than 4200 alumni of PL Van Lith High School. They live a life that influencing others in each of their parish, profession and society. The distinctive features of the Van Lith alumni community are the absent of seniority gap between classes, and their extraordinary enthusiasm for humanitarian and social activities. Various sub-communities will be full of initiative when there is a disaster, also during this Covid-19 pandemic. In their various groups, all vigorously try to find solidarity actions that can be contributed.

Three years life at Muntilan were the most influential periode of my life. The process in the dormitory had shaped me in many aspects, the spirit of sharing, understanding each other, learning to accept differences, self-discipline, leadership, and perseverance in spiritual life. Therefore, the values of Christianity, solidarity, and a spirit of service are always noticed in every company that I have. I am grateful that with this virtues, every difficult crossing and choice in my life can be passed properly. Therefore I humbly quote popular utterances, there will be no regrets at my dead bed later.

Thank you to the FIC Brothers who have introduced us to such extraordinariy virtues in our life. Your role in creating and running SMA PL Van Lith is not just providing common education, but beyond by creating cadres for church and nation. All of us will always remember the teachings and exemplary life of our beloved Brothers, and carry on the legacy of the spirit of leadership, missionary and servitude in our lives wherever we are. God Bless all of us.

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