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Solo Caritas Vivamos (Just Because of Love We Live). (Late Post)

Solo Caritas Vivamos (Just Because of Love We Live).


The 80th anniversary of the establishment of Boro Santa Maria Orphanage was marked with a grand Eucharistic celebration, to offer thanksgiving to the almighty God and acknowledge the contributions of people who have taken part in the life and development of the institution from August, 1938 to 5 August 2018. Eighty years is long enough to be aware that God has been guiding and providing the needs of the orphanage. The celebration which had the theme “Just Because of Love We Live” offered the FIC brothers and Boro Catholic community the opportunity to reflect on the gift of the founder J.B. Prenthaller, who was also the founder of Boro Parish.


Together with Father van Lith from Muntilan, they baptized hundreds of Javanese tribes under the Sana tree with the fountain water in the small lake. Fr. Prenthaller also built churches, hospitals, schools for boys and girls and houses for the FIC brothers and nuns. Apart from the weaving factory, he brought numerous other developments in the community. By the year 1970, Boro was like a big city with very good public transportation system.

The Eucharistic celebration was presided over by Fr. Johanes Krismanto in the name of the Arcbishop and moderator of Catholic Social Organizations, and Fr. FX. Sri Waluya SSCC, alumnus of Pangudi Luhur Boro and now a Japan missionary.

More than six hundres people, including religious, priests and even Muslim, came to congratulate the FIC brothers, and also enjoy the “Jathilan” (horses dance), meals and beverages. Jathilan is one of the traditional dances in Indonesia (Central Java). The dancers often dance to extend of being possessed. It means that the souls of any beast: pig, snake, monkey, quadruped, etc can turn the dancer into a beast also.

At night, all the artists of the melodrama staged “Ketoprak”, another Javanese performance. Male and female Muslims and people of other religious denominations supported the artists of Jogjakarta in the performace. They all acted a legendary story entitled “Putri Serang”. The story tells about the struggle for independence.


(Bro. Petrus Paijan FIC, the director of Boro Santa Maria Orphanage)

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