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Gratitude for being Brother FIC.

Gratitude for being Brother FIC



My vocation story


Looking back on my vocation story as Brother FIC, I felt that my vocation story was so simple.  The first time I knew about the FIC Congregation when I read National Catholic magazine “HIDUP” and Local Catholic magazine “PRABA” in 1982.  Many time I read that magazines I read some articles which written by some FIC Brothers such as Bro. Nicolaus Prasadja, Bro. Antonius Hadiwardaya, and Bro. Anton Marsudiharjo. I found and read that magazine at the Paris Priest house when I was as an altar boy of the Saint Yosef church in Medari, Sleman, Jogjakarta.  I was attracted by the word “FIC” at the last name of those brothers. I wonder to know more and questioning myself about FIC. 


During  I was studying at the “Pangudi Luhur” Teacher Training College in Jogjakarta I had opportunity to know deeper and better about FIC brothers. Some brothers worked at that school, Bro. Alberts Sutarno and Bro. Frans Sukasto as teachers, and Bro. Yahoos Budi Suyanto as a School Principal. After sometime I experienced as a student I got impression that all the brothers who I knew gave their talents, capacities, and all what their had to the people. I also admired by those brothers who wrote articles at the magazines that they used their talents on writing. By the articles were written by those brothers I felt that God called me to be a religious brother, especially FIC brothers. Day by day I felt that my desire to become a religious brother growing more and more.


How important is transfer of faith


I was born in a really good catholic family. I experienced a good atmosphere as Christian in my family. My father was really live out the Christian values and gave great attention about the transfer of faith in my family. He was very firm to keep his faith as a Christian and practiced the teaching of the Church. My growing of faith and religious life was influenced by the daily prayer together as a Christian family. My father taught me how important was prayer and offering our grateful to God everyday. Since I was a child, my father invited us to have a habit to pray rosary everyday, to pray before and after meal, to pray before and after learning, and to pray before go to bed and after wake up in the early morning. He also motivated me to get involve on a certain church activities such as: Sunday School, Altar boys, and choir. I have gotten into the habit of praying and attending daily Eucharist.  In short he wanted me to become a man of God, a man of prayer, and a man of gratitude.

My experienced of getting transfer of faith from my father was very impressive until now. When I was in Ketapang as a boarding master, I tried to teach and train my student to have a good foundation as Christian and to develop their habits in prayer and to attend daily Eucharist. Even I asked them to get involve in some Church activities as I experienced during my childhood. I  am more aware how important is the foundation of faith for the youth. Mgr. Ludovicus Rutten felt a call to place his whole life and all his means in the service of the Christian education and formation of the young. His first concern was for the poor and neglected youth in his native town of Maastricht.

The person of forgiver

In 2017 I celebrate my anniversary 25 years as a FIC brother.  As a FIC brother I made efforts to become a mature person as religious brother especially as a forgiver. I tried to forgive others who hurled me. I desired to become a forgiver. Even though some time I experienced the period of difficult time, I had been hurt by others, I felt painful experiences, but I tried not to revenge on those who have hurt me. I am grateful to God, because I realize and am aware that when I   am fail, am disappointed, hurt feeling, God works in me and show His power in me. When I am weak, I am strong because God presence in me.  I believe that the love of God have changed my way of dealing with the problems and my fellow brothers and people.

As a brother, I have worked and served in several places. After some years as boarding master in Ketapang, west Kalimantan, I transferred to Wedi, Klaten as headmaster of Pangudi Luhur junior high school. About five years I was in Wedi and then in 2013 I moved to School for the deaf in Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. Currently, I am the headmaster of Pangudi Luhur school for the deaf and superior of Kebon Jerk community in West Jakarta. It is the second time I work in this school for the deaf. I tried to do my apostolic work in joyful and happiness in the same time also serious and full of the spirit of service. I give the meaning of my apostolic works as a form of my obedient and availability to do what the Congregation will. Our Constitutions in art. 22 said to us: “Great availability and unselfishness is asked of our Congregation. We ought to be prepared to give our all in any desired place and in the most expedient way. This demands courage and self-denial, as well as sober prudence and appreciation of potential”.

Learning from our Founders


As a FIC brother I learned from our Founders Mgrs. L. Rutten and Bro. Bernard Hoecken to keep balance in my live. I keep and maintain the balance and harmony between prayer, apostolic work and community life. I also diciplined myself to attend community gathering such as community prayer, meal and recreation, and also attend daily eucharist.  I try to live out what  is mention in art. 29 of our Constitutions, “The organization of our life should be in harmony with the demands of the apostolate. We are not expected to fill our lives with hard and efficient work alone. Our apostolic commitment will be richer and more deeply rooted, if there is also enough room for reflection and prayer, for truly human contacts, for participation in community life, and for rest and recreation.”

I am grateful for I am a FIC brother. I am grateful for my being FIC brother. I experience the love of God from my family, Congregation, my fellow brothers, friends and relatives. I am stronger because of love and support of God who love me unconditionally. May God continue to bless and guide me in my journey of life as FIC brother. May I become a person who is full of the spirit of service, humble, simply, faithfullness, joyfulness, and readiness. May I become a truly FIC brother and living according to the spirit of our Founders.

Bro. Yohanes Sudarman FIC

Headmaster of Pangudi Luhur School for the Deaf, Kebon Jerk, West Jakarta, Indonesia


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