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Desease Bro. Herman Yoseph Kuwat, FIC.

Dear Brothers,
It is our sad duty to inform you about the passing away of Bro. Herman Yoseph Kuwat, who died on June 30, 2022.
Brother Herman Yoseph Kuwat FIC
Bro. Herman Yoseph was born in Muneng, Tirtohargo, Kretek, Bantul, Yogyakarta on May 10, 1950.
He made his first profession in our Congregation on December 8, 1975. 
He passed away on June 30, 2022 at Wisma Bernardus Semarang.
The Requiem Eucharist and funeral took place on Friday, 1 July 2022. Brother Herman was laid to rest at the cemetery of the Brothers FIC in Ambarawa.
Brother Herman started the canonical novitiate on December 31, 1973. His perpetual profession was carried out on August 15, 1982. Most of Brother Herman's life in the FIC Congregation was spent in school.
As his name – Kuwat – means strong, Bro. Herman is known as someone who is passionate about his life. The character of his voice describes Bro. Herman as someone who likes to work hard, decisive, and has character. Brother Herman had high standards in his apostolate.
The way he communicates with students and co-workers can be hard and awkward at times. Surprisingly, in that way many of his former students were impressed. What his former students remember is the demand for discipline. For the discipline of the students, Bro. Herman did not want to lower his standards.
What is unique is that although he is often firm and strict in enforcing discipline to his students, many of his students are impressed by the assistance of Bro. Herman Yoseph Kuwat. Because, even though his appearance seems stiff; often Bro. Herman couldn't hide his tenderness.
There were times when Bro. Herman melted when he met the suffering of his students. The inner dynamics of Bro. Herman seems to be swinging between a hard, firm, rigid, disciplined character to a soft-hearted mood in a melancholy inner fog. There is a part of his soul that he always wants to live in love and tenderness. It seems that it was in the swing of the soul that Bro. Herman lived his life's pilgrimage.
Brother Herman Yoseph Kuwat, your uniqueness as a FIC Brother, as an educator Brother, has contributed to the colourful apostolate of the FIC Congregation's education. Congratulations on the struggles and pilgrimages of life that you have completed.
For a photograph of Bro. Herman Yoseph Kuwat we refer to the attachment.
May he rest in perfect peace.

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