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Condolence on the death of Bro. Herman Yoseph Kuat (72)

Dear Bro. Provincial Superior and Fellow Brothers,

Condolence on the death of Bro. Herman Yoseph Kuat (72)

On behalf of the member of the GC and all the brothers, I find it a sad duty to send you condolence on the death of our fellow Bro. Yoseph. The death of a fellow brother comes with bereavement and deep sorrow. However, the will of God is absolute and unquestionable. We would have wished to live with our brother forever, but God’s plan for him is different. That is why we need to hold on to our faith and in the hope of the resurrection of souls and thus be courageous to bit brother Yoseph fare-thee-well. 


We grieve and at the same time pray for you and his family and friends. May God console you (and all of us) and help us to accept the loss. May his death also reminds all of us of our own journey towards the inevitable event of death and thus prepare ourselves well enough for the “Day of the Lord.”

Dear Brothers, once again, I pray that the soul of Bro. Yoseph and all the faithful departed may rest in the company of the Saints in heaven; and in the fraternal company of our deceased brothers, and above all in the bosom of God his creator.

Yours Fraternally,


Bro. Augustine Kubdaar

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