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Chapter Preparation and Session I Provincial Chapter of Indonesia 2018.

Chapter Preparation and Session I Provincial Chapter of Indonesia 2018. 

On 29th to 31st December 2017, we have done the preparation of Provincial Chapter 2018 at Roncalli Retreat House in Salatiga. The 16 elected Brothers, 2 reserve members and 5 ex-officio brothers attended the Pre- Chapter. The first day, after the opening, Bro F. A.  Dwiyatno as the Chair explained the legal basis to do the chapter based on the Canon Law, Constitution, Congregational Statute, and Province Statute. After that the member of the chapter was given opportunity to express their personal hope and worries. The second day, 30 December 2017, the expression of hope and worries of the members and the secretarial team was continued.  Then the floor discussed the planning of the report of the Provincial Council 2012 to 2018 to the Provincial Chapter of Indonesia 2018 and discussed deeper the evaluation of the implementation of Provincial Chapter of Indonesia 2012, the implementation of Constitution and proposal to be discussed in the Chapter 2018. On the evening, it was discussed the committee and the job description of the committee needed during the Provincial Chapter 2018.

The third day, 31st December 2017, discussed the schedule of first session of the Chapter, moderator, and keynote speaker invited in the first session of the Chapter. The rules of the Chapter also discussed to guarantee smooth flow of the first session chapter and determined the theme of the Provincial Chapter 2018: “Menegaskan identitas dan Misi Religius Bruder FIC di Zaman Sekarang.” (Confirming the Identity and Mission of FIC Brothers in the Present Time).

Session I, Provincial Chapter of Indonesia 2018

The First Session of the Provincial Chapter of Indonesia has been held on 15th to 18th March 2018 at Syalom Retreat House in Bandungan. On 15 March, the Provincial Chapter of Indonesia began with Eucharistic celebration presided by Msgr. Robertus Rubiyatmoko, Archbishop of Semarang diocese. Brothers from the nearby communities around Central Java and Yogyakarta also attended the Eucharistic celebration. Before the closing, Bro. F.A. Dwiyatno as Chairman delivered the opening speech and lit the candle to give sign of opening the Provincial Chapter. After dinner, we discussed practicality and introduction with Fr. Ignatius Aria Dewanto, SJ as the moderator. 

On 16th March 2018, there was an input from Msgr. Antonius Subiyanto Bunyamin, OSC. Msgr. Anton explained the Brother’s Identity and Activities: You are all brothers (Mat. 23:8), which is originated in the Church document, “Identity and mission of Religious Brother in the Church.” The discussion emphasized the important of Brotherhood, maintenance of spiritual life. Msgr. Anton invited the brothers to live as religious and to believe in God providence. The brother should face the challenge of indifferent attitude in the community life, the availability to share with others (solidarity) and be radical in following God. The afternoon session was the report of Provincial Council 2012-2018 delivered by Bro. F.A Dwiyatno,

On 17th March 2018, the chapter continued with the report of the Provincial Council to the Provincial Chapter 2018, including the financial report which is delivered by Bro. Yohanes Triwuryanto as Provincial Treasurer. On 18th March was the election of the General Chapter representation. 9 brothers were elected as representative to the General Chapter and 2 reserve members. Then Bro. Michael Sidharta as coordinator of “The Team Summarizes the Evaluation and Suggestions to Provincial Chapter” explained the result of the work and the member of the chapter had the opportunity to deliver practical matter concerning the second session of the chapter. The first session of Provincial Chapter 2018 was ended with the Eucharistic celebration. 

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