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100 (one hundred) years, CONGRATULATIONS! (Indonesia Province) *Late Post

100 (one hundred) years, CONGRATULATIONS!

Celebrating 100 years is an extraordinary achievement, in any circumstance. Especially in celebrating the 100th year anniversary of the presence and service of the Brothers FIC in Indonesia.

I, for one, have been directly affected by the work of the Brothers FIC in Indonesia, through their work in SMP. Pangudi Luhur “Bintang Laut”-Solo, which was established in 1958. I graduated in 1972, and all four of my children are also graduates of the school.

As an alumni of the Pangudi Luhur Foundation and as a parent, I have seen and experienced first-hand the dedication of Brothers FIC in educating and instilling the values of equality in all the students so that they become disciplined individuals in all aspects of life. They have been taught to have no segregation between those with different socio-economic status, race, religion, nor levels of intelligence. All of the values that the Brothers FIC impart are based on a strong foundation and believe, which is KINSHIP.

The spirit of kinship taught during those teenage years is carried on and is still felt throughout the years, even now when my children have matured and started their own families. Not only is it present in our family, but also in the friendships built during those formative years, which have lived on to this day. Kinship also encompasses being respectful, considerate, and appreciative towards others regardless of their social standing. It is also about understanding and putting value on the differences that are around us.

I can see how my children have grown to become individuals who are able to properly carry themselves in their daily lives, be independent and be confident without being arrogant, while still being able to take feedback from others to become better human beings.

As a parent, I am proud of the efforts and dedication that the Brothers FIC have put into the education sector, in particular at SMP. Pangudi Luhur “Bintang Laut”-Solo, which has greatly contributed to the accomplishments of my four children.

In navigating the next 100 years, I believe that the Brothers FIC will become more capable than ever in contributing more tangible work to prepare and deliver true and tested resources for the youth to become individuals who are noble, true to their selves, humble, and able to seamlessly blend into the society where they are at, all while being consciously aware of the progressively changing world.

Once again, I would like to offer my CONGRATULATIONS to the Brothers FIC in celebrating the 100th anniversary of the work and service that they have accomplished in Indonesia.

Edijanto Joesoef

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