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Workshop on "Leadership", day 2, August 29, 2017.



The day started with the Lauds and Eucharistic celebration in the St. Louis chapel led by the workshop facilitator, Rev. Fr. Dominic Apee M.Afr. The Lauds and readings were taken from the Memorial of the day, “The passion of John the Baptist”. The homilist admonished brothers to be steadfast in faith and always stand for the truth despite the consequences as did John the Baptist.

After breakfast, the first session began with a prayer by the prayer leaders of the day. The facilitator to begin with asked all participants out for thirty minutes to have a faith “Experience in context” with the environment in and around St. Louis compound. Interesting sharing were given by participants from their interactions with nature, needy school children playing around, people busy on the streets etc. All experiences shared were appropriately linked to the spirit of our Founders who devoted their lives to helping the poor in the society at then specifically through education and formation of the youth.

The facilitator then guided participants through definition of some key terms that were used during the workshop. For example Aim, Authority, Barrier, Boundary, Cosmos, System, Subsystem etc.

It was break time at 10:00 am for coffee. After the coffee break began the second session. The facilitator dwelt much on sharing and analyzing of experiences.  He said there is the need to be moderate in analyzing our experiences and that of others. As leaders there is the need to take up our role in a way that serves the purpose of the system, should be in the context and satisfies the yearning and desire of person. He led participants through Fr Cardijn’s SEE-JUDGE-ACT method of responding to the lived reality of people’s lives. He also drew participants’ attention to open-mindedness saying as leaders, never go with already made solutions. Your ideas should be open for challenge or critique. Take challenge or critique at opinion level not personal level.

It was lunch time at 12:30 pm followed by siesta. At 3:00 pm participants resumed for the third session for the day. Fr Cardijn’s approach was further discussed. It was made clear that SEE-JUDGE-ACT is embedded in the Catholic social teaching which in summary teaches that we treat others as we want done onto us. Participants had the following for reflection, group discussion and sharing: (A) How do you currently go about your work for social justice? Does your way of working touch on the main elements of the pastoral spiral? (B) What does it mean to be a consecrated witness to Christ in this 21st Century?

The day’s sessions closed at 5: 30 pm for participants to wash down and settle for vespers at 6: 30pm. Supper was at 7:00 pm and recreation at 9:00pm.


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