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Wa Diocesan Jubilee Celebration of Priests, Religious and Lay Couples.

Wa Diocesan Jubilee Celebrations of Priests, Religious and Lay Couples

30th November, 2017

St. Andrew Cathedral Parish, Wa

A grand ceremony marking the Patronal feast of the Diocese of Wa, St. Andrew and the silver, ruby, golden and diamond jubilees of priests, religious and lay couples started at 10:00am at the St. Andrews Cathedral, Wa. It was presided over by Most Rev. Richard Kuuia Baawobr Mfr, Bishop of Wa, with a host of concelebrating priests, scores of religious men and women and hundreds of lay faithful.

A collective celebration of the jubilarian priests, religious and lay couples was the first of its kind in the history of the Diocese of Wa. The conviction that a diocese that does not celebrate her heroes and heroines is not worth dying for was what gave impetus to the Catholic Bishop of Wa to bring together clergy, religious and lay couples who have attained 25, 40, 50 and 60years in their respective vocations to celebrate and congratulate them for their lives and their services to Mother Church and civil society. Honoured among the jubilarians were Brothers Raphael Besigrinea and Severious Sentu. While Br. Raphael was privileged to grace the occasion, Br. Severious received his benediction in absentia; for he was hospitalized.

The day was also marked as the Patron feast of the diocese of Wa. As such the celebration took a purely diocesan character. As people who believe in the communion of saints and the forgiveness of sins, they observed a minute of silence to honour the dead.

The Catholic institutions and schools named after “St. Andrew” also flooded the Cathedral Church to grace the occasion. It was both a spirit-filled moment and an enlivening sight to behold.

In 1929, when The Missionaries of Africa led by Rev. Fr. Remegius McCoy arrived in Lawra, they celebrated the first Eucharist on the feast of St Andrew; hence, when the diocese was created, it was given the historic name St. Andrew.

In his homily, the Bishop explained the meaning of the name Andrew as “manly” or “a strong one”. He exhorted the jubilarians to anchor their faith to Jesus and be strong like Andrew the apostle. The Bishop reiterated that Andrew was able to lead his brother Philip to Jesus to become an apostle of Jesus. Therefore, the jubilarians (priests and religious) should lead people to Jesus and not lead them astray.

The homilist further called on ushers and singers to emulate the example of St. Andrew as their patron saint. Talking about our roles, my lord Bishop said there are three magic words which parents should inculcate into the family as a domestic Church. The magic words include the following; please, thank you, and sorry. “Sorry” if we want to enjoy family life. He called on parents to humble themselves in their day to day life. He encouraged them to thank one another and be apologetic for their wrongs.

The religious men and women were not left out. The preacher admonished them to take their community life and prayer seriously. It is through prayer that they can discover the gifts and direction of God in their lives.  The bishop ended by calling on the congregation to support the aged and sick priests by contributing towards the building of a care home for the diocesan priests in Wa.

After the homily, the jubilarians renewed their commitments to God in accordance with the state of their vocations in the Church. The occasion was very colourful, successful, and full of merry making. May it live long to strengthen and cement the bonds ecclesial community of Wa.


By Bro. Irenius Nimbare, FIC.

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