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The Leadership Workshop August 30, 2017.



Participants started the day with a morning prayer in the St. Louis chapel at 6:30am, followed by breakfast at 7:00am.  At exactly 8:00am the facilitator started by asking participants to share their experiences over the night especially about the topics that were treated the previous day.

He then introduced the topic for the day as “The Transforming experience of connectedness with source”. In his submission, he said it is important for participants especially as religious who by their virtues as leaders to always be connected to the source and it should always be in the context and the system that form the person. He added that to be a good leader, accountability and knowledge of the people that one works with and consultation are very important. He also proposed that the role assumed by leaders must serve the purpose of the system. At about 9:15am there was ten minutes break and resumed at about 9:30am.

The facilitator introduced another topic with the four key concept which are globalization, interaction, complexity and the system. Brothers’ attention was drawn to these four key concepts especially the concept of globalization and technology and their effects on religious life either negatively or positively. Brothers were encouraged to be moderate on the use of technology in order not to be wrongly influenced by them. The following topics were also treated:  A leadership that does theology and organization as a living system.

“Dialogue” was no exception among the topics that were treated before the third session. Participants were taken through the differences between “Dialogue” and “Debate” as well. Participants were told that dialogue should be able to open new grounds, a new stream of meaning and leading to mutual understanding. The facilitator added that with dialogue one should have open will, open heart and open mind to be able to lead the people. The facilitator ended the second session by  adding that as a community leader, meetings should not be turned into  debate sessions but rather for dialogue sessions for the benefit of the whole community. The closing prayer was led by a member of the prayer leaders for the day at 12:00pm. 

 The 3rd sessions begun at 3:00pm with the topic “Interracial and intercultural dialogue”. The facilitator proposed an exercise that was to be done by the retired brothers, brothers in active service and the formatees. Below were the questions given to these three groups to discuss and the outcomes:

  1. What are the gifts we bring?
  2. We feel hurt when ...... ( e.g. What we experience as prejudice)
  3. What do we want the other groups present here to know about us?

The sessions for the day ended at 4:30pm, earlier than usual, to enable brothers prepare well to host the bishop Emeritus of Wa Diocese, Most Rev. Paul Bemile who had been invited specially by the brothers FIC Ghana Province to thank him for being a good shepherd to the Province over the twenty-one years as local ordinary.

The thanksgiving Mass started at 6:30pm led my Most Rev.  Paul Bemile, Bishop Emeritus of Wa. Present at the Mass were some guests including Rev. Fr. Dominic Apee.M. Afr. and Brother Roshy Robert Kunnumpurathus OFM Cap and Director of St. Joseph Retreat Centre, Sunyani.

The Provincial Superior in his welcome address underscored the invaluable fatherly attention the Province had enjoyed at every occasion of the brothers such as Professions, Jubilees, funerals etc. He further eulogized him for his unflinching support and words of advice in many other areas of the life of the FIC Ghana and wished him well in his retirement.

The bishop in his homily traced the genesis of the FIC Ghana. He said Peter Cardinal Dery of Blessed Memory needed a hand to help run the then St. Joseph brothers started by the White Fathers. While in the Netherlands he met with the FIC Congregation who accepted to come to Ghana to take up the formation of the St. Joseph brothers and further absorbed it into the FIC Congregation. He said just as St. Paul who had undoubting love and attention for the poor and marginalized, the FIC have over the years improved the lives of people by the building of schools, teaching and formation of the youth in the fear of God. He appreciated the efforts and admonished brothers to hold on to the same spirit for the youth today still need help.

The second part of the celebration was supper in the dining hall. The bishop Emeritus was given a gift by the Brothers FIC.

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