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Report on the Proceeding of the Second Session of the Ghana Provincial Chapter 2018.


We sent you greetings from Wa, St. Louis where the Second session of the Ghana Provincial Chapter 2018 has began. The delegates arrived on 22nd April and had the opening ceremony at 8:00pm.  The Provincial Superior welcomed all delegates to this session and took members through the program that is outlined for the coming week. He encouraged all to be attentive to one another and to discuss issues dispassionately guided by the Holy Spirit.  All the necessary materials which will be tabled for discussion over the period were given to all delegates. Everyone was encouraged to go and read thoroughly the materials given especially the communities report of the Provincial Council which was going to be the first item for discussion on the agenda for the following day.

A member of the liturgy committee said a prayer after which the PS handed over to the facilitator to take the house through the discussion of the communities’ reports.   In going through the reports, some however generated argument but the PS and delegates were able to make contributions and clarifications to sort out the issues thus bringing positive conclusions.  Critical observations were made on the reports received from the communities. It was generally felt that the PS did a good job with the report and it would have been improved if communities had had the chance to go through it before the beginning of the Chapter. On the whole it was worthwhile to devote the time and patients to listen to the voices of all the brothers through the report.

The next item was the dialysis machine which was procured for late Bro. Oscar. The machine has been packed since his death and the Council feels it should be put to use especially that one hospital has requested for the use of it. We also spent time on this to find a way forward. The conclusion finally was that it should be donated to Nandom Hospital that applied for its use. The PC was tasked to do the donation with some agreement on the use of it. For example, when a religious or priest is in need of the machine should only pay for the cost of the consumables.

The second session which began at 3.30pm was to tackle the proposals submitted to the Chapter for discussion. In all, 41 proposals came from communities and individual brothers. Since the proposals when agreed and voted on are going to form the working documents for the incoming PC for the next six years, it was appropriate to go through them critically and thoroughly so that we may not hang a burden on the necks of the incoming PC. Obviously it took a lot of time for the discussions to come to conclusion on some of them. It was not surprising that we were caught by time in the middle of one of the discussions.  We could only deal with 8 proposals out of the 41. Clearly we still have a lot to do and a long way to go. We felt the first day was satisfactory and we look forward to the subsequent days to have similar spirit filled deliberations. So far so good. Remember us in your prayers brothers, so that we can continue to have fruitful deliberations. We will also pray for you and keep you posted of the events on the Chapter at St. Louis, Community – Wa.

Henry Surnye. 

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