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Report on Day 3 of the Provincial Chapter 2018, Ghana Province.


The liturgy committee as usual led the spiritual rituals in the morning. The delegates went straight into group discussions on the Provincial Council’s report. This exercise covered the whole morning till lunch time.

After a sumptuous lunch and a good rest, the delegates reconvened for the last session of the day. This time was spent giving the group reports. With sometime still available after the group presentations, the Provincial Council started responding to some of the issues raised by the groups. The process adapted didn’t help much because it was slow. The Chapter had to abundant the process in favour of a one to be followed the next day in addressing concerns from the group reports.

The group reports were centered on the seventeen Provincial Chapter 2012 resolutions which the Provincial Council has implemented.

The high temperatures in Wa did not help matters as delegates battled with the heat and exhaustion. This might have affected the discussion process since an exhausted brain cannot to produce the best ideas. There were few signs of rain two hundred but the best we got was some two hundred isolated drops which rather intensified the heat.

The chapter goes into the fourth day tomorrow with the Provincial Council responding to the issues raised in the report. Meanwhile, all the chapter delegates are till now healthy and happy. Today also we for the first time we had the complete house-the two headmasters who travelled to Accra returned this morning to join the group. Thanks for your prayers and support.

Bro. Cosmas Kanmwaa

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