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           The management and staff of LoRut were excited to have met again after the long period of lockdown of schools to control the spread of the Corona Virus Disease in Ghana.       

The school was reopened on 18th January, 2021 for both continuing and fresh students. Given the limited time available for the school to cover the loss time in the third term and the fact that new teachers were recruited, it became expedient for management to train and retrain workers to be abreast with the dynamics of education in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. It was in this light that the financial and human resources support of the Provincial Council of the Brothers FIC, Ghana Province came in timely to revive the hibernating school through In-Service Training in the following areas:

(Bro. Irenius present on lesson)

           First, on 19th January, the school sponsored by the PC, organised an orientation and induction workshop for ten newly appointed teachers of LoRut on the school campus. The workshop was facilitated by Brs. ALpitio Kog, Hans van Wuowen and Irenius Nimbare. The areas covered included the programme of activities of the school for the first term (Br. Alpitio), conditions of service, remuneration, and social security issues (Br. Hans). Others were the Objectives of LoRut, the vision and mission of LoRut; introduction of available stakeholders of the school to the new appointees, and familiarisation tour of the school compound and surrounding community (Br. Irenius).

(Bro. Alpitio giving his input)

           Second, the target group for part II of the workshop was all teachers of LoRut. The convener was Br. Clement Naapire Ph.D. On behalf of the PC, Br. Clement welcomed all the participants to the workshop and reiterated the need for the input. The areas of need focused on were classroom management facilitated by Br. Godwin S. Kuu-Ireme; lesson planning and presentation by Br. Irenius Nimbare, and testing and evaluation by Br. Alpitio Kog. This workshop lasted from 21st – 22nd January, 2021 with nineteen teachers in attendance.

(Bro. Clement welcoming participants)

           The workshop was concluded with an open forum, discussion of extra-curricular responsibilities and timetabling. In general, the impression created by the participants was very positive as observed from their contributions and outlook. It is hoped that the fruits of the workshop will facilitate participants’ efficiency and effectiveness in the discharge of their duties to the stakeholders of LoRut.

(Bro. Godwindoing a powerpoint)


Br. Irenius Nimbare, FIC


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