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The year 2021 began with the continuous negative impact of Corona Virus (COVID-19) on businesses, especially in the Hospitality Industry where ISTC is a part.  A cross section of the ISTC Staff were at home in 2020 as a result of the pandemic. Till date, the situation is still ongoing and nobody knows when the world can be saved from this disease. In view of that, the Management of ISTC found it essential to train the Staff to be abreast with the dynamics of customer service and its related issues in the hospitality industry to enable ISTC continue to stay in business in the midst of COVID-19.  In this light, the financial support of the FIC General Council through the Provincial Council of Ghana, came as a timely intervention. Management with this financial support organized an in-service training workshops for all staff at ISTC in the following areas:


On 3rd February, 2021 the first training was organised around three topics, namely: “Customer Service and Value addition”, “Dynamics of the Hospitality/Hotel Industry” and “General Cleaning and Hygiene”. The facilitators who handled the topics were: Br. Dr. Clement A. Naapire, Dr. Dayour and Mr. Dominic Tugpiel respectively. In all, thirty (30) Staff attended the one-day but very intensive workshop.  After a word of welcome from the Manager of ISTC, Br. Peter Claver Kuuniabom, Br. Dr. Clement Naapire, the main organizer, gave an opening address and the intention of the PC to train all staff with the needed skills to cope with the changes that emerged in the hotel industry by the advent of the pandemic, such that ISTC will continue to serve the needs of its customers. In the end, the staff were very satisfied and happy with the inputs in view of the questioning and sharing that transpired during the open forum.   

The second Workshop was organised for all the Staff at the ISTC Accounts department on 11th February, 2021.  The topic was “Best Practice in Accounts Management and its related issues”, it was facilitated by Mr. Peter Kuukyane Latuo, a Chartered Accountant and Managing Director of Diligence Consult, the external Auditors of ISTC.  The number of Staff who participated in the training programme was thirteen (13).  It was an exciting encounter, as the facilitator brought the content of his input to reflect what the reality on the ground at the ISTC Accounts department, vis-à-vis the best accounting practice in the industry. Members asked various clarifying questions for better understanding of best practices.

Similarly, a third Workshop was organised for the Staff at the Kitchen department on 15th February, 2021 around the topic “Customer Centered Catering and Bar services”.  It was facilitated by Br. Dr. Clement Naapire as an expert in Marketing and Strategy, and Mr. Abraham Togvoor, an expert in Hotel catering services and Management. The programme was ‘down to earth’ as members asked questions and shared their impressions and opinions on their experiences.  The workshop ended with a request from the Manager for similar training programmes to be organised regular for staff of FIC Institutions.

Br. Peter Claver Kuuniabom – ISTC Manager

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