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FIC Brothers' Leadership Workshop: St. Louis Community, Wa, Ghana.


28TH – 31ST AUGUST, 2017.

 Opening session: Welcome address and introduction of facilitator.

The FIC Brothers and Novices, Ghana Province, are joyous to have a welcome address and introduction of a facilitator for 2.5days leadership worship in St. Louis community, Wa, at 8:00pm.

On 28th August, 2017, the Provincial Superior, Bro. Seregeous DERY, gracefully welcomed 25 brothers and 5 novices to begin a workshop on the above theme in St. Louis community Wa. He also introduced the facilitator, Very Rev. Fr. Dominic Apee. M.Afr. – the immediate past Provincial Superior of Missionaries of Africa, Ghana/Nigeria Province, for the workshop.

In his welcome address, Bro Seregeous lauded that the current Provincial Council had been enjoined by the 2012 Provincial Chapter to enrich brothers in leadership training courses and other developmental programs. This is to enhance their human development and also to empower their leader skills. In this regards, the workshop, he said, is on leadership formation based on Faith and Praxis; which is aimed to energize and equip members of leadership teams, in order to enable one to lead and work with teams and collaborators in apostolate through a sustained and faith-filled way.


From the Provincial Superior, the non-rewarding nature of religious leadership coupled with the sometimes uncooperative and difficult personalities we have to deal with, in the Christ like manner, makes this call unattractive and feared by many. He emphasized that one is expected after the workshop to gain the following:

i. Further perspectives of leadership in your respective communities

ii. Greater understanding of your respective leadership roles and more assurance in assuming it.

iii. Confidence in taking up leadership role

vi. A better understanding of functioning of healthy organizations

v. And finally, processes to support planning and evaluation.


In his conclusion, Bro Seregeous expressed a strong belief and hope that this 2nd phase of the leadership workshop would further enhance understanding and be of immense benefits to members as was gathered from the phase 1 workshop over the past 2 years.

In his response to the introduction, Very Rev. Fr. Dominic Apee, charitably expressed that he was happy to be with the FIC brothers again for this encounter. He stated that it was appropriate for him to be taken as a facilitator for the workshop. For Leadership, he stressed is not by magic, but by shared experiences, which he was available to share with participants. He briefly took participants through the mode of presentation and sharing he intended to rely on.

Besides, participants took turns to briefly introduce themselves. The opening session ended well at 8:30pm with a short prayer and merry making (recreation) at the dining.

Compiled by: Bro Amatus Taalo

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