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Day 3, Provincial Conference, Brothers FIC Ghana Province.

Day 3, Tuesday, 23rd February 2016.
The morning session began with a reflection on Art. 54 of our Constitutions and a brief prayer. After this, the House listened to the goodwill messages of Bro. Raphael and Bro. Alexis. We were also informed of the demise of Fr. Martin Ninnang and Fr. Kizito Maalinee, which sad events happened the previous day.
After this, the groups reported back on their discussions of the Provincial Council report the previous day. Generally, the brothers recommended the efforts of the Council; however, some critical points were noted. Issues on communication, community life, accompaniment of Junior Professed Brothers and the jubilee celebrations were noted.
After listening to the reports, the Provincial Council asked for time-out to enable them prepare their response to the group discussions. They were given one hour.
At 11:30 a.m. the House reconvened and listened to the Provincial Council’s responses. From here, a number of issues were flagged for further discussions.
The House was also briefed on the reasons for Bro. Clement’s inability to continue on the Provincial Council. It was understood that this had become unavoidable because of the requirements of his employer, the University for Development Studies in Wa. The PC noted that they missed Bro. Clement, as his contributions to the work of the Council had been very valuable.
For the afternoon session, we were joined by Mr. Latuo and his assistant from our auditing firm, Diligence Consult, who presented the financial reports for the past three years to the House. The brothers appreciated his clear presentation.
After some clarifying questions, the financial experts were discharged. The House than clarified how best to discuss the reports in detail. A three man committee was formed to study the report and brief the House the following morning on their findings. Because of this extra task, your humble servant was permitted to delay the reportage of the day small, hence the late submission of this write-up.
The day was closed with a first move towards the replacement of Bro. Clement on the Provincial Council. A straw ballot was held and brothers were asked to reflect on what this told us about the mind of the House.
With this, the day’s proceedings drew to an end.
Thank you,
Bro. Hans van Wouwen FIC

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