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Brothers FIC, Ghana Province Final Proefession.





The final profession of three Brothers namely: John Bosco Miilu, Aaron Nee-Eru and Irenius Nimbare took place in Wa St. Cecilia's parish on 19th November, 2016. It was attended by many people including their parents, family members and relatives and friends of the Brothers. The pupils and teachers of the FIC St. Louis Educational Complex were there in their numbers to grace the occasion. One of the pupils read the first reading to the delight of the congregation.


In his brief welcome and introduction of the candidates to the congregation, the Provincial Superior (Bro. Seregeous Dery) noted that the act of final profession in Religious life is not an end in itself but rather a means to an end. He stresses that it is just another level of beginning in which a candidate makes a definite yes to the vocation which he or she believes God has called him or her. It is neither a stage of immunity to sanctions nor is it a license to do as one pleases. On the contrary it is a stage of deeper commitment to the demands of one's vocation by putting his or her entire life, talents and energy in seeking the values of the Kingdom of God in the light of the Gospel. Bro. Seregeous appealed to the candidates to work hard to improve on themselves in the acquisition of knowledge and "wear the same faces as we have always known them to be".


In delivering the sermon to the congregation, the bishop of Wa Diocese, Richard Baawobr Kuuia recalled that religious life is a gift and a challenge. He viewed the life of a religious who lives the vows of celibacy, obedience, poverty including community life to be like a table that stands on four legs. When one leg is broken, the table wobbles. He called on all religious especially the brothers taking their final vows to be circumspect in the living of their vows so as not to break any of the above mention four pillars of the religious life. Bishop Kuuia advised all to be wary of the modern means of communication that has turned most priests and religious into "dot com" priests and religious. Dot com religious according him are those who have become slaves to the modern means of communication to the neglect of their own spiritual growth. In its perverse form, the "dot com" religious cannot be reached by their superiors for important assignments. They are constantly engaged all the time either browsing or chatting.

By Brothers Kubdaar Augustine and Godwin Kuu-Ireme Saabekone.

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