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Renewal of temporary profession of Bro. Hector Alejandro FIC.

Renewal of temporary profession of Bro. Hector Alejandro FIC.

On Saturday, 2nd March 2019, after six years temporary profession, brother Hector Rojas Poblete renewed for three years his commitment to life in our Congregation. May the Good Lord Jesus strenght him to follow Him and the steps of our Founders.

— bersama Héctor Alejandro Fic.

155. Continuing formation (FIC Constitutions)

It is taken for granted that young brothers should need guidance and supervision. Systematic and purposeful formation should be continued for a number of years after the brother's admission to the Congregation. Particular attention should be paid to this continuing formation.

In day to day community life as well as in his apostolic activities a young brother can count on the special help of those in office, on the support of the fellow-brothers with whom he is living, and on the driving-force that emanates from all of our lives. The strength of our apostolic and fraternal community is also evaluated by the way in which we are near to our young brothers.

Not only during our formative years, but throughout our lives we should be open to development, formation, and deepening the meaning of our lives. As persons and as community we should seek this in various ways. This too is an expression of faithfulness to our vocation. Our vocation requires us to go on training ourselves for our task, to keep abreast of developments in the church and society, to have a ready eye to the signs of the times; and to continue developing our spiritual growth.

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