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Formation Curriculum (Brothers FIC).

This formation document named "FIC Formation Curriculum" is the
result of a ten day meeting of formators of our five FIC provinces, held
at Syalom Retreat Centre in Bandungan, Indonesia from 24 July until
5 August 2016. It is a concrete result of the continuous understanding
and co-operation among the formators of our Congregation and is a
watershed document in the history of our Congregation in the sense
that formators have never agreed on a common formation curriculum
to be used for our candidates. The meeting was born out of the 2012
General Chapter resolution #8 to organize a meeting for all formators
for the renewal and invigoration of the FIC spirit among formators,
enable formators exchange ideas and experiences and strengthen their
spirit of internationality. Significantly, the main task of the formators
during this meeting as highlighted by the Chapter was to enable formators
work toward the possibility of achieving a common curriculum to feed
our formation program. This document is the result.


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