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"Called to be good and to do good"

The Congregation of the Brothers FIC is an international community of about 300 religious brothers, who live and work in six countries: Chile, Ghana, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malawi and The Netherlands.

18.10.2017 01:41:44
photoREPORT NO. 10 Congregational Conference 2017. Chile, October 11, 2017.   The last day of ConCon 2017. We opened our day with our morning prayer led by Bro. Diego from Chile Province. The theme of our morning prayer was “God’s Love Through Mary”. I personally got the inspiration from this certain part of the reflection on “Sketching Mary” by Jose Antonio Pagola, namely: “Mary, evangelizer. Mary offers us all God’s salvation, that comes in ....
11.10.2017 08:24:02
photoCONCON – BUIN – CHILE, MONDAY, 10TH OCTOBER, 2017 REPORT NO. 9   The day begun with the usual morning prayer facilitated by Malawi Province. The readings and reflections were centred on our apostolic mission. This paved way for the start of the day’s business after breakfast. First, we had a briefing co-presented by Bros. Theodorus and Remy on an international symposium for General Treasurers which they had attended some time earlier this year in ....
10.10.2017 17:41:52
photoReport day eight on Congregational Conference 2017 in Buin-Chile. (Monday 9, October 2017)   After a restful enjoyable weekend, putting our minds and something different than the Con-Con matters, we started on the last issues to be discussed this new week. Bro. Frans Dwiyatno lead our morning prayer with the theme, “Forming a community-forming a brotherhood.” He asked us to have personal reading and reflection on Vita Consecrata art. 42 “Fraternal life in love”, and art. ....
10.10.2017 01:43:35
photo Trip to Valparaiso . Saturday 7 October 2017. Chile is a beautiful country, blessed with hilly places and mountain peaks, as well as valleys deep and all the seas. Valparaiso represents the description of beauty of Chile. The original name of the territory was Valle del Paraiso or Valley of Paradise, due to the admiration visitors from other countries felt in front of the natural charm of this great, beautiful city.  
09.10.2017 16:40:08
photoCONCON – BUIN – CHILE, FRIDAY, 6TH OCTOBER, 2017        REPORT NO. 6 So soon the first week of the 2017 Brothers FIC Congregational Conference (ConCon) has come to an end. We look back at the past days with gratitude to God for his blessings and favours for all that he has enabled us to realise in these days. It has been a fruitful time of deliberations on matters that define ....
08.10.2017 19:46:08
photoFIC Congregational Conference, Chile - 5 October 2017 Today, FORMATION was the topic of conversation at the Conference. The day was started with the common morning prayer under the theme “members of one body” led by Brother Wim Luiten. The prayer reminded us of our being members of one FIC community, inviting us to be grateful for those brothers before us who have been so faithful in building our communities. We were also reminded ....
06.10.2017 22:05:15
photoReport on Congregational Conference 2017, Wednesday, 4 October. The day started underligt  awareness of “Brothers of one another” as a theme in the morning prayer. We had a reflection about brotherhood as writed on our constitution art 51. “ Every brother should be concerned with the happiness of his fellow brothers. The better we live up the apostolate at home, the better we shall together be able to spread happiness to the the outside world.”
06.10.2017 21:20:23
photoThird day of CONCON 2017, tuesday October 3, 2017.   We continued reflecting on the document “Identity and Mission of Religious Brother in the Church”. The first session of the day was centered on  Brotherhood, the Gift we Share. After a presentation by Bro. Guido, participants went into individual recollection. He also provided some readings about community life: two Pastoral letters from Bro Buno van der Made, Circular letter on community life from Jose Maria Arnaiz, ....

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