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The Congregation of the Brothers FIC is an international community of about 300 religious brothers, who live and work in six countries: Chile, Ghana, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malawi and The Netherlands.

18.11.2014 15:20:16
photoThe Beneficiaries of the Vincentian Mission (by Fr. Celestino Fernández, CM) [The third in a series of presentations on Vincentian Spirituality] The Synod on the new evangelization asks Religious Orders and Congregations to be fully available to go to the geographical, social and cultural frontiers of evangelization. The Synod invites religious to move toward the new aeropaghi (situations) of mission. The Instrumentum Laboris of the Synod on the new evangelization also gave importance to a series ....
15.11.2014 03:02:56
photoBlessed are you, Lord God: Blessed are you for ever. Holy is your name: Blessed are you for ever. Great is your mercy for your people: Blessed are you for ever. Amen! Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, We praise you and give you glory: We bless you for calling us to be your holy people. Remain in our hearts,
14.11.2014 17:00:52
photoThe inspiration to send brothers from other provinces to Chile in answer to some particular needs of the province has become a reality. The four brothers, namely Andrew Makocho, Aloysius Porekuu, Robertus Koencoro Budi and Agustinus Suparno, all arrived in The Netherlands from their home provinces at different times. By September 20, they were together in Emmaus community. A simple commissioning ceremony was held for the four brothers in which a picturesque ....
13.11.2014 03:19:37
photoJln. Sultan Agung 133 Semarang 50234 Indonesia Telp. (024) 8 312 547 Fax. (024) 8 504 130 - 8 November 2014 Salam kasih persaudaraan, Dalam kesempatan perjumpaannya dengan para Pemimpin Umum Tarekat Religius di Roma pada tgl. 27-29 November 2013, Paus Fransiskus telah mengumumkan bahwa tahun 2015 akan dijadikan Tahun Hidup Bakti. Tahun 2015 ini juga menandai ulang tahun ke-50 Konsili Vatikan II, khususnya peringatan 50 tahun ....
12.11.2014 01:36:08
photoPrayer for Vocations. Almighty father, You sent your Son, Jesus to bring eternal life to those who believe. We join Him in praying for labourers for your harvest. May your Holy Spirit inspire men and women to continue his mission through priesthood, diaconate, religious life and lay ministry. May this same Spirit make known your will for our lives. Lord Jesus Christ, Saviour of the world, we humbly ask You to revive in your Church that spirit which you abundantly bestowed on the Apostles. Lord, ....
10.11.2014 02:18:39
photoCONSEJO PROVINCIAL Visita de Trabajo Hno. Theo: El Hno. Theodorus Suwariyanto, Consejero General, nos visitó del 1 al 17 de octubre. Quería interiorizarse de la situación de los hermanos en Chile, de la implementación de las resoluciones del Capítulo Provincial, especialmente de las propuestas que se refieren a la vida comunitaria en el espíritu del Hno.  Bernardo y las relaciones interpersonales. Por otra parte deseaba experimentar personalmente la vida comunitaria de ....
09.11.2014 05:37:59
photoPEDAGOGY OF JESUS. In Chile we are experiencing an educational reform that aims to eliminate the for-profit schools, avoid inequalities in access to education and provide quality education. Faced with this reform, the FIC schools have undergone a process of change long before the reform. We have tried to educate vulnerable families without exclusion. Currently our schools are undergoing a process of training in Pedagogy of Jesus based on the Gospel. We aspire to a higher quality education, opting for the ....
07.11.2014 04:43:36
photoIs It Time to Forgive? --by Gail Brenner, syndicated from, Dec 23, 2012. Forgiveness holds the possibility for expanding our capacity to love. There is only one reason to forgive. If we want to be free, if we want to live as the full and unlimited expression of ourselves, if we want our hearts to open, then we are being invited to put an end to all stories that keep us closed ....

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