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"We consecrate ourselves to be witnesses of God's love"

The Congregation of the Brothers FIC is an international community of about 300 religious brothers, who live and work in six countries: Chile, Ghana, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malawi and The Netherlands.

17.02.2020 17:46:37
photo S P E C IA L B I R TH D A Y S         February 2020 10 Yosophat Sukosuwito (80) - Salatiga 28 Jos Bom (70) - Maastricht Rooden Leeuw March 2020 01 Stephanus Ngadenan (50) - Surakarta 13 Wim Luiten (70) - Maastricht-Rooden Leeuw 19 Marianus Sumardiyana Martoseputro (80) - Ambarawa April 2020 09 Yohanes Paryoto (50) - Sukaraja 12 Salvinus ....
17.02.2020 01:39:52
photo“MARY AND MY LIFE AS A RELIGIOUS FIC BROTHER” I believe that Mary indeed is the model of my vocation as religious. By her personality, spirituality and virtues she gave birth to religious life and has become an ideal model to emulate. Naturally, religious men and women who have dedicated themselves to live the Christian vocation in the most radical sense find in Mary their mother and model. Mary was the perfect contemplative, totally committed to the one thing necessary (Lk ....
11.02.2020 01:35:10
photoThe Rosary, as a “Heirloom” for me.   “With the Rosary, we let ourselves be guided by Mary, the model of faith, in contemplating the mysteries of Christ, and day by day we are assisted to digest the Gospel, so that the Gospel shapes all our lives.” (Pope Benedict XVI) My love for the rosary prayer, and even the practice of taking it with me wherever I go stem from childhood. At that time, I used to invite my parents especially my mother ....
08.02.2020 03:31:50
photoPROMOTING JUSTICE, PEACE AND INTEGRITY OF CREATION THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA (taken from JPIC NEWSBRIEF January 2020, Vol. 15) People all over the world are becoming more interconnected. It has become possible to encounter others—not only those we know and related to us but also those we have never met. We can share what we see, what we are thinking and how we feel with each other instantly anywhere in the world. We can operate beyond the confines and boundaries of our ....
31.01.2020 03:22:08
photo COMMUNITY LIFE   “We call ourselves brothers and earnestly desire to be brothers to one another and to all humankind both in receiving and in giving love.”(Essential reflections)   We want to remember what Bro. Bernardus said: ”Brotherly love is the queen of the congregation.” He has left it to us as our heritage. Have we honoured this heritage in the course of the years? (Bro. Bruno: FIC Heritage 1990) ‘The Superior General (Bro. Bernardus), although heartbroken, spared neither trouble ....
27.01.2020 18:33:44
photo S P EC I A L B I R T HD A Y S       January 2020 07 Lo Koeleman (80) - Maastricht-Prins Bisschopsingel 25 Yohanes Wiryasumarta (80)-Semarang-Dr.Sutomo   February 2020 10 Yosophat Sukosuwito (80)-Salatiga 28 Jos Bom (70)-Maastricht Rooden Leeuw   March 2020 01 Stephanus Ngadenan (50)-Surakarta   April 2020 09 Yohanes Paryoto (50)-Sukaraja 12 Salvinus Rohmad Supani (85)-Semarang Wisma Bernardus 15 ....
27.01.2020 01:35:00
photoPope Francis’ Homily for 1st Sunday of the Word of God (Full Text) ‘Today Jesus speaks those same words to you: ‘Take heart, I am here with you, allow me to enter and your life will change’” JANUARY 26, 2020 10:43ZENIT STAFFPAPAL TEXTS Today, Sunday, Jan. 26, 2020, marks the first Sunday of the Word of God, since its institution by Pope Francis. In his letter Aperuit Illis, Pope Francis made the annual appointment, which ....
26.01.2020 00:28:48
photo Komitmen Sepenuh Hati Bersegeralah! Aku meminta kepadamu. Pandanglah ke depan dan tinggalkan masa lalumu! Amatilah kekuranganmu dan bukan pada apa yang engkau miliki, itulah cara yang tepat untuk menjadikanmu lebih rendah hati. Engkau harus selalu merindukan Tuhan jika engkau ingin melangkah menuju kesempurnaan. Kerinduan dan hasrat ini harus selalu menyala dalam kehidupan pribadi, dengan kekuatan rahmat Tuhan dan komitmen pribadi, agar terwujud nyata dalam hidupmu.

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