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The Congregation of the Brothers FIC is an international community of about 300 religious brothers, who live and work in six countries: Chile, Ghana, Indonesia, Timor Leste, Malawi and The Netherlands.

24.11.2014 04:16:52
photoOASIS 2014 -  REPORT OF THE SECOND DAY, 22 NOVEMBER. After the Eucharistic celebration, participants were confronted with a question during the morning prayer service: "Why have I been chosen from my family to be a religious and secondly, from my community members to undertake this spiritual journey?" This question helped the participants to reflect on the uniqueness of the opportunity offered to each one of them to attend the climax of ....
24.11.2014 04:03:41
photoTRIBUTE FROM THE BROTHERS FIC, GHANA PROVINCE TO LATE BRO. NICHOLAS ZUMANAA. “SEEK TO DO GOOD TO ONE ANOTHER AND TO ALL” WHO AM I?   I believe late Bro. Nicholas Zumanaa, affectionally called “Nicho” has asked this question “who am I” quite often in his life and each time he will have given a similar but not the same answer.  This is because he was a person who believed in growth and ....
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24.11.2014 02:59:20
photoTRIBUTE TO LATE BRO. NICHOLAS ZUMANAA, FIC. FROM THE FIC GENERAL COUNCIL (presented by Bro. Raphael Besigrinee) Dear Brothers and friends, never before have the lives of so many been left devastated by the departure of a single person; never before have so many minds been left wondering by the  experience of the death of one person. The so many lives are those of ours; that single person is our beloved brother and ....
23.11.2014 17:55:14
photoDay one.  A short report of OASIS 2014. Wahlwiller, November 20, 2014.  First of all, we thank you to Lord our God that all participants of OASIS have arrived in The Netherlands safely, yet in a good condition and healthy.  Before we started with our OASIS, for a several days Indoensian brothers stayed at de Beyart, Ghanaian brothers stayed at Emmaus community, Malawian brothers and Alpitio Kog (Ghana) stayed at Capucijnengang community, and Chilean brothers ....
23.11.2014 02:40:36
photo     Opening Address - OASIS  2014. OASIS :  A WAY TO HAVE LIFE ABUNDANTLY.   “I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full” (John 10:10). Dear sisters and brothers, We have just heard  the reading from the Holy Gospel of John chapter 10 which is telling us that Jesus is the gate. Anyone who enters through  Him will be safe; moreover Jesus also says that He has ....
18.11.2014 15:20:16
photoThe Beneficiaries of the Vincentian Mission (by Fr. Celestino Fernández, CM) [The third in a series of presentations on Vincentian Spirituality] The Synod on the new evangelization asks Religious Orders and Congregations to be fully available to go to the geographical, social and cultural frontiers of evangelization. The Synod invites religious to move toward the new aeropaghi (situations) of mission. The Instrumentum Laboris of the Synod on the new evangelization also gave importance to a series ....
15.11.2014 03:02:56
photoBlessed are you, Lord God: Blessed are you for ever. Holy is your name: Blessed are you for ever. Great is your mercy for your people: Blessed are you for ever. Amen! Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, We praise you and give you glory: We bless you for calling us to be your holy people. Remain in our hearts,
14.11.2014 17:00:52
photoThe inspiration to send brothers from other provinces to Chile in answer to some particular needs of the province has become a reality. The four brothers, namely Andrew Makocho, Aloysius Porekuu, Robertus Koencoro Budi and Agustinus Suparno, all arrived in The Netherlands from their home provinces at different times. By September 20, they were together in Emmaus community. A simple commissioning ceremony was held for the four brothers in which a picturesque ....

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